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Why should you choose Leading Edge Dental Laboratories?

-  "Leading Edge is the leader in Crown and Bridge, Esthetic, Implant, and complex dental fabrication.  We promise to deliver the most realistic, functional, patient-specific restorations available on the market today."

-  "We have over 50 years of experience behind our artistry!"

-  "Our laboratory uses the most modern and reliable equipment and materials available.  We have invested in the latest in CAD technology to serve the quickly changing dental field.  We are constantly evolving as a business and as artists."

-  "Communication is key! We are dedicated to our Doctors, their staff and the patient.  Unlike other laboratories who work in the background, we welcome communication with the patient.  We open the communication to every staff member in the office.  Our goal is to become part of your team.  We want to build lasting relationships with the people we work with."

-  "We are artists.  Each crown we fabricate is a work of art.  We apply our own unique touch to every case we fabricate.  We will not become a cookie-cutter laboratory based purely on numbers.

We are proud of our work."

- "Leading Edge Laboratories will always stand by our work.

We are here for you. "

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