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With laboratory owners, dental technicians, artists, and dental assistants on staff, your personal, Virtual Technologist can help you with that difficult shade!

Help is on the way!

We have a great Virtual Shade Mapping system that can help you communicate the proper shade!

-  First, our Virtual Technologists will guide you through the proper steps and provide you with the necessary tools.
-  Next, you will send the required photos and information to your Virtual Technologist.
-  Finally, with over 80 years of combined laboratory and custom staining experience, they will quickly provide you with a proper custom shade map.  Our shade maps are easy to follow and offer different levels of detail depending on the amount of time the technician making the crown chooses to spend on the restoration.

If you need immediate assistance with a shade, please click the call button to be connected to your personal, Virtual Technologist.

There are very specific systems that must be followed to accurately judge color, texture, translucency, hue, and other details that should be considered when taking an accurate custom shade.
We would highly recommend scheduling a custom shade appointment with one of our technologists in person, if possible, to get the best result.
If this is not possible, we offer an amazing class,
Proper Shade and Material Selection.
Ask your personal, Virtual Technologist how to schedule this live class when you call!



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