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Let your Virtual Technologist interact with you patients.
They can even prepare and present a proper, diagnostic presentation and schedule a time to present the case to the patient.
We have a proven 98.5% acceptance rate on new and up-sold cases when presented by our experienced Technologists!


-  Simply start by uploading digital scans, photos or even videos by utilizing the links below.
-  Contact your Virtual Technologist via call, text, or email and describe what you are hoping to achieve.
-  Your Virtual Technologist will prepare a proper diagnostic presentation and schedule a time to present to the patient.

Or, if you simply need your Virtual Technologist to be included in a phone or video chat with the patient, they can do that as well!

Option 1
- Click the "upload" button and sign in
- Create a new case
- Specify any details you wish for us to follow, click, "submit", and upload your files.
- Your completed designs will be uploaded to the same location once completed.

Option 2
- You can also upload scan files through any of the major scanner portals such as 3Shape, Itero, Sirona/Cerec, and more!
- Create your case in your scanner's software as if you were sending to a laboratory.  Specify, "Diagnostic Presentation" in your notes and any details you want your Virtual Technologist to follow.
-  Be sure to provide an email in your notes where we can send the completed design files!
It's just that easy!

Completed designs are typically uploaded to the portal
or emailed within 48 hours.
Rush services are available by request!

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