Our Story

    Richard Molina-Kammeraad is the CEO and Lead Technician of Leading Edge Laboratories.  Throughout grade school and after graduation, Richard spent a considerable amount of time in the dental laboratory owned by his grandfather and developed a fascination for the art that remains with him to this day. He has worked rigorously with master technicians, ceramists, doctors and surgeons in both traditional and modern dental restoration techniques.

    Richard began his career early, and has spent his life perfecting the art. He advanced quickly in his field, becoming skilled at all aspects of the dental laboratory including but not limited to: advanced model work, waxing, casting, metal finishing, porcelain work, staining and glazing. His technical skills and artistic talents combine seamlessly to result in a superior finished product. During the past ten years, he has immersed himself in the modern field of computer assisted design and manufacturing, known as CAD/CAM, increasing his ability as a technician tremendously.

    In addition to becoming a well-rounded technician, Richard has worked closely with patients and doctors to advance his skills, even serving as an office manager in a busy prosthodontic's practice. He trained as a dental assistant and worked chair side with an oral surgeon to experience the successful completion of a patient’s restoration. He also independently managed and operated an in-house laboratory for a busy practice requiring him to work on a daily basis with multiple Doctors, dental assistants, and patients to insure the timely production of a high volume practice. This first-hand experience gives our team a unique perspective on all aspects of dental restoration and allows Leading Edge Laboratories to partner with you as an extension of your own practice.

    Leading Edge Laboratories is a local laboratory who can provide on-site services such as custom shades, consultations, high quality imaging for crown design, case presentation and assistance with impressions that will save your office time and money and result in a better experience for your patients. Having worked both in the laboratory, and in several active practices, we understand the value of your time and the time of your patients. We strive to present you with a beautiful finished product that is delivered on time. Should there ever be an unexpected delay, we are only a local phone call away.

    Leading Edge Laboratories understands the importance of reliability, time, quality and pricing. That is why we have partnered with carefully selected production facilities that allow us to take advantage of economies of scale and pass that savings directly on to you, the doctor. Quality will never be sacrificed and you can be assured we will maintain the local feel that is important to you and your patients.