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Full Arch, Implant Supported Restorations Made Easy

Our field is evolving quickly.  Are you ready for the next chapter?

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One of the most challenging and intimidating restorations to successfully produce

is the edentulous, full arch, implant supported bridge.  These are the most commonly discussed cases in study groups around the world due to their complexity and lack of laboratory-to-clinical support.  Most doctors tend to avoid full arch cases.  Now, you can be the Doctor that proudly shares your complex case with fellow professionals; knowing you delivered the best, full arch restoration possible.  

We have designed an easy to follow, streamlined system for completing full arch cases.

We support you through each step of your case from start to finish.

  Precise fit, customized natural esthetics, proper material support and design, easy retrieval, and minimal appointments are some of the key components that must be addressed for a successful case.


You need an experienced, professional laboratory support team that understands the stressful demands of full arch reconstruction - someone who speaks "clinical" as well as "laboratory".

The old school, "pick-up in the mouth", denture acrylic method is now a thing of the past.

We are fully digital.  Every component of our restoration is designed and produced utilizing the latest CAD software and most accurate scanning, milling, and printing available.

The technician assigned to your case will work with you and your team from start to finish.  They will be your main point of contact and the only one working on your case.  Your technician can be present to support you chairside as well.  They will take the stress out of each step, inspiring confidence.







20230223_130446 (2).jpg
20230530_161322 (1) (1).jpg

The failed case depicted above was

not manufactured by Leading Edge.

20230530_165427 (1).jpg

Take the esthetics of your case to an even higher level with tissue-colored titanium bars!

Communication Is Key!

We use grade 23 titanium

Full mandibular, bar-supported, zirconia bridge with tissue addition.  Full maxillary, individual crowns.

Full maxillary and mandibular, bar-supported, zirconia bridges.  This case went straight-to-final.

20190620_101219 (2).jpg

    The Zi-On-Bar solution utilizes the latest cad/cam technology and computer aided design.  Only with the newest mills, printers and clinical studies can we confidently produce a restoration at this level.  The "all-on-four" has evolved.  Our Zi-On-Bar concept, which adds a milled titanium bar structure mated perfectly to our zirconia bridge, allows us to take the esthetics of your case to a whole new level.  This solution helps the clinician provide a better, long-lasting solution as opposed to a conversion-denture. The Zi-On-Bar reduces the need for future appointments and restoration replacement due to pre-mature wear.  We are eliminating the denture conversion concept, replacing it with a long lasting, next-level restoration.

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